A Symbol of Love

Memorial Diamonds made from ashes or hair by ALGORDANZA™

Diamonds from Ashes or Hair by ALGORDANZA™

A Symbol of Love

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Memorial and cremation diamonds

The creation of a memorial diamond also called an ash diamond is the most personal and loving way to say farewell to a loved one. The memorial diamond serves as a symbol of love, closeness and respect.

Losing a loved one is a very painful yet inevitable experience. Thanks to the memorial diamond, it is now possible to keep your lost loved one with you not only in your heart but also physically. Maintain the connection and love for your lost loved one every day through closeness, helping to remember in silent the great times that you experienced together.

The memorial diamond: an heirloom for eternity

Compared to traditional types of funerals, the cremation diamond represents a very personal type of mourning, remembrance and joy. Especially in times of increasing mobility in our society and subsequent distance to the family, grave maintenance can be difficult, which makes the diamond funeral a beautiful and practical alternative.

The memorial diamond is an incredibly valuable keepsake for the bereaved, which is privately kept or openly displayed. It can be kept in the diamond box alongside a portrait photograph at home, or discreetly set in a ring or pendant so that you can always carry and honor your loved one with dignity.

Your ALGORDANZA memorial diamond is an enduring and discreet heirloom that will stay with your family for generations to come.

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Creating a diamond from ashes or hair - This is how memorial diamonds are made

The ALGORDANZA manufacturing process in Switzerland produces blue, synthetic diamonds that have the same physical and chemical properties as diamonds created in nature.

In order to be able to grow a diamond from ashes or hair, we need at least 500g of cremation ashes or at least 5g of hair. From the ashes or hair we extract the carbon, which we then convert into graphite and later transform into a diamond. To do this, we must simulate the extreme pressure and high temperatures that are also necessary for the natural formation of diamonds within the earth.

Each diamond is unique and therefore as singular as the loved one from which it was created.

Selection and cost of memorial diamonds

ALGORDANZA memorial diamonds are created as unique rough diamonds, just as nature would form them. Choose between a memorial diamond made from hair or a cremation diamond made from ashes. Then choose the desired size and the right cut for the diamond, this decision should reflect your loved one’s personality.

Experienced experts cut the memorial diamonds for you by hand, we offer six cuts: Brillant, Emerald, Asscher, Princess, Radiant and Heart.

The cost of a memorial diamond is usually not higher than the expected costs associated with a traditional burial with the associated grave maintenance. They start at 3,500 CHF for a 0.30 carat rough diamond.

The process which ALGORDANZA used to create diamonds from cremated remains is officially notarized by a Swiss notary public.

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Turning ashes into diamonds – with dignity

We have been turning ashes into diamonds since 2004, while helping honor and preserve the memory of a loved one for families and friends, worldwide.

We guarantee that the ashes or hair of the deceased entrusted to us will be treated with respect and care. ALGORDANZA also documents and shares with you every step of the diamond creation process.

Thanks to the cooperation with thousands of funeral homes not only in Europe, but worldwide, a memorial diamond can be commissioned quickly and easily. On request, we will be happy to recommend an ALGORDANZA partner in your area.

If there is no ALGORDANZA partner in your area, you can process your memorial diamond order directly with us.

The ALGORDANZA Pre-Paid Diamond Plan

Don’t leave it to chance what happens to you or your loved ones after death. Thanks to our pre-paid funeral plan, you can make arrangements during your lifetime for your wish to be turned into a diamond and save your loved ones additional work and financial burdens in a time of mourning.

By arranging your funeral in good time, you also protect yourself from price increases, because you always pay the current rate when you sign the contract. We offer you the option of making a down payment immediately and agreeing to pay the remaining amount in installments over 36 or 60 months in order to free your relatives from any costs.

Diligence, piety and care are important to us

ALGORDANZA is a Swiss company that has been dedicated to helping individuals remember lost loved ones since 2004. Our memorial diamonds are a very special form of tangible remembrance. 

In the process of creating memorial diamonds, we treat the ashes or hair of the deceased with great respect and are a voluntary member of the Swiss Funeral Association (SVB). We follow the laws and codes of practice of the German, Austrian and Swiss funeral services and are also a member of the European Federation of Funeral Services (EFFS) as well as the World Organization of Funeral Services (FIAT-IFTA).

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Frequently asked questions to ALGORDANZA

Yes, the ALGORDANZA memorial diamond is a real diamond. It has the same chemical, physical and optical properties as natural diamond. In our laboratory in Domat/Ems, Switzerland we simulate these natural conditions with special HPTP (High Pressure High Temperature) machines. This is how your ALGORDANZA memorial diamond is allowed to grow in an individual and unique way.

According to the ISO International Standard 18323 (2015), the memorial diamond grown at ALGORDANZA corresponds to a “laboratory-grown diamond”.

When an adult is cremated, up to 4 kg of ashes can be produced. For diamond burial, it is not the volume of the ash that matters, but its carbon content. As a rule, 500 grams of ashes are sufficient to ensure the creation of a memorial diamond.

At least 5g of hair is required to transform one or more hair memorial diamonds.

With our certificate we confirm the authenticity, size, cut and color of the diamond, as well as the guaranteed production of the diamond from the carbon source given to us.

Just one more step to a Memorial Diamond

Whether you are currently looking for an ALGORDANZA partner who will carry out the burial of a loved one or would like to take the first precautionary measures for yourself: Request our Price list for a diamond here and we will send you all the information for the next steps .

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