26. Apr. 2016

The Diamond Burial

Memorial Diamond - Alternative or Addition

The diamond burial is not only an alternative to traditional burials, but can also be a beautiful addition. For the creation of an ALGORDANZA memorial diamond we require only a part of the ashes, but are also able to use all cremated remains of the deceased. Thus, we are able to fulfill different wishes. Get in touch with your partner nearby or directly with us to get your Memorial Diamond.

With our partners worldwide we are able to meet your needs and wants and be at your site in event of the death of a loved one. To chose a diamond burial does not mean to relinquish a traditional burial. On average the cremation of a adult person results in 2,5 - 3,5 kg cremated remains. For the creation of an ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond we require at least 500 g of cremation ashes in order to ensure to create one or even more memorial diamonds. If no traditional burial is desired, we are able to use all cremated remains. We are able to leave the cremation ashes remain in the process as long as we were able to isolate the required carbon and the other substances are dissolved completely. Hence, the memorial diamond can either be an alternative or an addition to the traditional burial.

The size of a memorial diamond does not depend on the amount of cremated remains, but on the duration of its growth. A diamond consists of 99% carbon. This carbon is arranged in a very stable diamond grid and gives the diamond his incredible strength. During the growing process inside our diamond synthesis machines, the carbon arranges atom by atom until it reaches its desired size. The duration of the growing process therefore depends on the size respectively the weight of the diamond. This growing process can last up to several days.