Memorial Diamond: Selection and Costs

The ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond reflects the uniqueness of the deceased.

Memorial diamond with radiant cut

Your Memorial Diamond is manufactured individually upon your request. The costs of a Diamond Burial are comparable with a traditional burial site including the care of the grave.

Select your Memorial Diamond Option

Choose your preferred Carbon source for your unique ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond:

The ALGORDANZA Pure Memorial Diamond is created solely out of the Carbon isolated from the cremated remains of the beloved deceased. At least 500g of cremated remains are needed to create one or more cremation diamonds. 

The ALGORDANZA Hair Memorial Diamond is made out of the Carbon isolated from the hair of a beloved, deceased person. At least 5g of hair of the deceased person is needed. The Memorial Diamond made out of hair is a unique option if no cremation is desired or (religio-)culturally accepted.

In cases where not enough cremated remains or hair of the deceased person are available, a second Carbon source can be added. As a second Carbon source personal letters, diaries or pictures, which are in direct connection to the deceased person, can be send along.

Costs of Memorial Diamonds

The costs of a diamond burial usually do not surpass the price of a traditional burial along with the care of the grave. The Memorial Diamond can be an addition to the traditional urn interment, or even replace it.

The prices start at CHF 3'500 for a 0.3ct rough diamond. The price depends on the preferred size and cut of your personal Memorial Diamond.

The ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamonds are exclusively offered by partners or institutes. Depending on additional services the prices can vary. Please contact a funeral home or partner nearby. We are pleased to recommend you one.

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Selection of Diamond Cuts and Sizes

Choose your preferred size and your favorite cut for your individual Memorial Diamond or decide for the rough diamond – as the diamond, uniquely, formed itself.

We entrust your personal Memorial Diamond only to sophisticated experts to cut it by hand. The size and cut can vary depending on the shape and size of the rough diamond.

The ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond shines in exceptional bluish shades and is the manifestation of its uniqueness. The color depends on the element boron contained within the diamond. We do not affect the colorization of your personal ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond.

Choose Your Diamond Cut

diamond cuts

Available Size of ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamonds

  • Single Diamonds

      Weight Ø
    0.3 ct 4.3 mm
    0.4 ct 4.7 mm
    0.5 ct 5.1 mm
    0.6 ct 5.4 mm
    0.7 ct 5.7 mm
    0.8 ct 5.9 mm
    0.9 ct 6.2 mm
    1.0 ct 6.4 mm
  • Family Diamonds

    From the ashes of your loved one, we are able to create up to four smaller family diamonds.

    The following options are available:

    Family Diamonds available as Brillant Cut:

    • 4 x 0.15 ct = 0.6 ct
    • 3 x 0.2 ct = 0.6 ct


Compared to a traditional burial the Memorial Diamond is a very personal place of remembrance, mourning and joy. This precious memento is kept very individually by families. Either in the diamond casket at home next to a portrait or set into a ring or pendant.

The Memorial Diamond is a memorable heirloom over generations.

Setting the Memorial Diamond into Jewellery

It is beautiful to see, how the Memorial Diamonds are set into jewellery reflecting the uniqueness of each beloved person. For that reason, we have refrained from offering an ALGORDANZA Jewellery Collection.

If you like to have your Memorial Diamond set into a ring or pendant please get in touch with a gold smith nearby.

Your ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond comes in a diamond casket and on request a personal laser inscription only visible with a microscope can be engraved.

Diamond Casket and Certificate

Your personal Memorial Diamond comes in a noble diamond casket along with the ALGORDANZA certificate. With this certificate, we guarantee the authenticity, weight, cut and color of the diamond. Furthermore, we guarantee the origin of the entire carbon source from the delivered cremation ashes or hair.

Memorial Diamond with Laserinscription

Diamond with laser inscriptionOn request your rough diamond can be engraved with an individual laser inscription, giving it a personal note. Depending on the size of the diamond a maximum of 30 characters can be engraved.

Each Diamond is engraved with its unique reference Number. This laser inscription is only visible under a microscope.

Alike on a tumbstone on a traditional grave a personal inscription in remembrance for the deceased can be applied. 

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