ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamonds

ALGORDANZA is the Rhaeto-Romanic - the historic Swiss language - word for ‘remembrance‘. We've created our Memorial Diamonds since 2004 in our own laboratories in Domat/Ems in the region Graub√ľnden (Switzerland).

We are dedicated to give infinite continuance to the remembrance of a beloved person. The diamond burial is possibly the most personal and sensitive option to bid farewell. Increasing mobility and globalization often exacerbate the personal visit of the grave.

The highly complex creation process of a memorial diamond is the outcome of our efforts to create something imperishable. A peaceful alternative for relatives wishing for a more personal commemoration. The dignity of the deceased beloved is the maxim we are acting on.

Since 2004, ALGORDANZA is ever expanding and is today already represented in over 30 countries worldwide.

ALGRODANZA is a member of the Swiss Association of Funeral Services and we dedicate ourselves voluntarily to the professional standards of Swiss funeral services. The ALGORDANZA diamond burial is ISO-certified and notarized.

Precision, respect and discretion are the pillars of our success. The encouragement and trust we receive worldwide confirms us of our chosen path.