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A Symbol of Love

The Memorial Diamond as Graceful Memory

The Diamond Burial is the most beautiful and everlasting way to bid farewell to your loved one. The Memorial Diamond is a symbol of love, closeness and remembrance.

The Memorial Diamond is, compared to traditional forms of burial, your very own personal place of remembrance, mourning and joy. This precious remembrance can be treasured individually by all members of the family in a beautiful transparent diamond display, next to a portrait or set into a ring or pendant. Ask a goldsmith for advice.

The ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond is a memorable heirloom over generations.

From Ashes or Hair to Diamond – How Memorial Diamonds are created

In our own ALGORDANZA production in Switzerland blue, synthetic Memorial Diamonds with the same physical and chemical features as natural diamonds are created.

From at least 500g of cremated remains or 5g of hair we extract the remaining Carbon, which we then turn in Graphite and afterwards transform to a Memorial Diamond. To do so we have to simulate the extreme pressure and the high temperatures, which are also necessary for the natural transformation of diamonds over thousands of years inside the earth's crust.

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Selection and Costs of Memorial Diamonds

An ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond is created as a unique rough diamond, as it forms itself also in nature. Choose among a hair or ashes diamonds your preferred Carbon source. Decide for your favourite cut along with your preferred size for your unique Memorial Diamond.

Experienced experts cut your Memorial Diamonds by hand as brillant, emerald, asscher, princess, radiant or heart cut.

The costs of a diamond burial usually do not surpass the price of a traditional burial along with the care of the grave. The prices start at CHF 3'500 for a 0,3 ct rough diamond made from hair.

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How a Memorial Diamond is made – Reverent and Respectful

We guarantee and document our reverent attention to the entrusted cremains or hair of your loved one. Thanks to the successful cooperation with funeral homes worldwide a Memorial Diamond can be ordered fast and simple.

We are please to recommend an ALGORDANZA partner or funeral home nearby, providing professional and caring advice in terms of the Diamond Burial.

If there is no partner or funeral home nearby, our team in Switzerland will be at your disposal and will process the order directly with you.

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Pre-plan for yourself or your family now

Do not leave your funeral and memory to chance after your death. Pre-plan your diamond burial and your wish to have a Memorial Diamond made from your ashes already during lifetime and spare your family in time of grief additional tasks and financial burden.

With the ALGORDANZA Pre-Need Warranty you can consign your special wishes for one or more Memorial Diamonds for your beneficiaries after your passing. Additionally, the prices at contract conclusion will be valid and secured.

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Caution, piety and respect are of utmost importance to us.

ALGORDANZA is a Swiss company, which has been dedicated since 2004 to offering a more beautiful and everlasting way of remembering a lost loved one. The Memorial Diamond is a unique and very personal option for the remembrance of a deceased family member.

We treat the cremated remains or hair with the utmost respect during the growth process of each Memorial Diamond. We also dedicate ourselves voluntarily to the very demanding and professional standards of the Swiss, German and Austrian funeral services. The ALGORDANZA Diamond Burial is ISO-certified and notarized.


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Caution, piety and respect are of utmost importance to ALGORDANZA

Frequently asked questions and answers

Is an ALGORDANZA memorial diamond a genuine diamond?

Yes - the ALGORDANZA memorial diamond shows the same physical, chemical and optical properties as a natural diamond. In our production site in Switzerland we recreate the natural formation conditions. Thus, your individual ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond can grow.

How many cremation ashes are required to create an ALGORDANZA Pure memorial diamond?

The cremation of an adult can produce up to 4 kg of ash. It is not the volume of ash that is decisive for the diamond burial, but its carbon content. As a rule, 500 grams of ash are enough for the secure production of a memorial diamond.

How much hair is needed to create an ALGORDANZA Hair memorial diamond?

Approximately 5g of hair are required to transform one or more memorial diamonds of hair.

What does ALGORDANZA guarantee with the certificate?

With our certificate, we guarantee the authenticity, weight, cut and color of the diamond as well as the origin of the diamond from the carbon source given to us.

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