Light blue heart cut diamond from ash

Interesting facts about diamonds

The memorial diamond is a real diamond, which has the same chemical, physical and optical properties as naturally formed diamonds. The natural diamond is the best known and hardest gemstone in the world. ALGORDANZA memorial diamonds also have a 10 on Mohs hardness scale, proving that they are real diamonds.

A diamond consists of 99.9% carbon – the element of life. It occurs naturally in the interior of the earth under enormous pressure and extremely high temperatures. The name Diamant comes from the late Latin “Diamatem” or Greek “Adamantem” and means something like “the invincible”.

According to ISO International Standard 18323 (2015), the memorial diamond grown at ALGORDANZA corresponds to a “laboratory-grown diamond”.

Quality Features

The value of a diamond is determined by four quality characteristics, and the combination of these four characteristics determines the value of the gemstone. Therefore, two apparently identical diamonds can have different prices.

The price differences between diamonds grown in nature and in the laboratory can sometimes be significant. Due to the complex processing that is necessary for the growth of ALGORDANZA memorial diamonds, their price is significantly higher than that of ordinary synthetic diamonds.

Das Karat eines Diamanten gibt seine Größe an

Carat (Weight)

The larger (or heavier) the rarer the stone.

In 1907 the 0.2 gram carat was introduced. The price of a diamond increases disproportionately to the weight of the stone. In nature, larger diamonds are more rare. In the case of lab grown diamonds, the costs increase disproportionately with the production period, which is why the price of large diamonds is also higher. Depending on the amount of carbon contained within the cremation ashes, ALGORDANZA can produce up to a 2.0 carat diamond, the largest carat ALGORDANZA ever produced was 8.0 carats, a very rare occurrence.

Asscher cut ash diamond from ashes by algordanza.
Oval cut memorial diamond from ashes by algordanza.
Klarheit, eine der wichtigsten Eigenschaften eines Erinnerungsdiamanten

Clarity (Purity)

The more clarity a diamond has, the more valuable a diamond is.

Less than 1% of all diamonds ever found in nature are flawless – i.e. without inclusions. The inclusions of naturally grown diamonds look like small crystals, clouds or feathers. Inclusions – whether visible to the eye or not – affect the sparkle, i.e. the fire, of a diamond because the light reflection is disturbed by it. ALGORDANZA memorial diamonds can contain inclusions due to the special origin of the carbon source: Our diamonds can have “small inclusions”, i.e. they have small inner features, which are usually recognizable as tiny dark spots. More than 80% of ALGORDANZA memorial diamonds have a clarity of VS1 or better.

Alle Algordanza Memorial Diamonds sind blau bis farblos


Colorless diamonds are considered more beautiful, because they are the most rare.

The basic rule for diamonds is “the more colorless – i.e. without any tinting if possible – the rarer and more expensive the diamond is”. An exception are the so-called “fancy” diamonds, which have different colors depending on certain elements included within the diamond lattice and therefore are also very rare. ALGORDANZA memorial diamonds are blue due to the natural element boron found in our bodies. The blues intensity depends on the boron content bound in the carbon and is not influenced by us. This fact makes each cremation diamond even more unique as it reflects the person it is made from.

All Memorial Diamonds should be blue due to boron in our bodies
Tear drop cut ash diamond from ashes by algordanza.
Der Schliff ist eine wichtige Eigenschaft eines Diamanten


The better the cut, the stronger its brilliance, i.e. its fire.

The cut is the only quality feature that can be changed by human hands. The right cut is crucial because only through this art can the inherent fire and beauty of the diamond be brought out. When cutting, the proportions of all facets to each other are crucial.

The ALGORDANZA memorial diamond is also available as an uncut rough diamond. The rough diamond is of original beauty and reflects the uniqueness of the deceased.

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