How to order your Memorial Diamond

After the passing of a beloved person the family is faced with many decisions, which have to be made promptly. A diamond burial is just as convenient and simple to organise as any other type of burial or remembrance.

Compared to a traditional burial it is even simpler to realise. Learn more about how to order your ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond in the following section.

1. Find an ALGORDANZA Partner

Our representatives worldwide are competent, caring, and pleased to consult you on placing your order for an ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond. Get in touch with us or take a look at our ALGORDANZA International representations and select your country.

If there is no partner or institute near you our team in Switzerland will be pleased to send you all necessary information, answer all your questions and assist you in placing your order directly with us.

2. Cremation, Funeral Service and Shipment of Cremains or Hair

Your funeral home will organise the funeral service and cremation for you, either the ALGORDANZA partner in your country or your funeral home will then arrange the shipment of the cremated remains or the collected hair to Switzerland, the subsequent import of the Memorial Diamond and the handing-over of your Memorial Diamond.

3. From Ashes to a Memorial Diamond

The cremation of an adult can produce up to 4 kg of ashes. For the growing of a memorial diamond not the ash volume, but its carbon content is crucial. As a rule, 500 grams of ashes or 5 grams of hair are enough for the successful production of a memorial diamond.

If you decide for a diamond made from ashes ALGORDANZA Pure you can choose what happens to the rest of the remains:

  1. Transformation of the entire amount of ashes - Diamond Burial
    If no additional burial is desired.
  2. Return of the remains not required back to the funeral home or remitter
    The part of the remains not required can be send back to the funeral home for an urn interment.
  3. Handing over of the remains in Switzerland
    The part of the remains not required can be personally picked up in Switzerland.
  4. Burial of the remains not required in the Swiss Alps
    The part of the remains not required can be buried through ALGORDANZA in Switzerland.

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